AHMVI is a non-profit service project dedicated to supporting herbal medical intervention for AIDS/HIV globally. The AHMVI protocol is effective, as well, to mediate the mutiple side-effects of ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy), which is now available, though often in an unpredictable supply which complicates its’ effectiveness, through much of the developing world. This protocol is offered free of charge to facilities and individuals involved in the treatment of AIDS/HIV in any location.

Additionally, cottage industries can be developed to cultivate the local herbs used in any region. This can contribute significantly to the economic stability of individuals with or without HIV infection, who become involved in this farming and the subsequent sale of protocol components.

We are currently developing educational and training modules to support the proper implementation of this protocol. We hope to be able to offer training through an internet classroom in the future.

THE GOAL OF THIS FORM OF TREATMENT is to prolong, support, and enhance  long-term wellness in the presence of HIV/AIDS infection, whether or not allopathic pharmaceuticals are being used for treatment.  This is achieved by counteracting the effects of the HIV virus though adaptations of diet, consistent herbal medicinal therapy, and reductions in unnecessary pharmaceutical interventions, whenever possible, relying on gentler and equally effective natural medicines. In this manner, stronger, harsher pharmaceuticals may be saved for severe medical situations where their value outweighs their negative side effects. This is a fragile population which can ill afford unnecessary compromises of their physiological integrity. We seek to use commonly available and inexpensive food, plant and seed substances as much as possible, to make this program possible for all, following the principles of chinese herbal medical theory. This work was successfully carried out in the USA for over 13 years during the early stages of the AIDS epidemic in New York City, 1986-1999, by the writer, using prepared chinese herbal products and acupuncture.

At this time, the original program has been adapted for its’ application in India, by using commonly available and locally grown foods, plants and seeds which have the same or similar therapeutic properties as their chinese counterparts, in order to support economic feasibility, practical availability and thus, the widest participation possible, in India.

Additionally, further adaptations to other geographical regions of endemic AIDS may be possible, with appropriate local herbal medicine expertise. Development of cottage industries focused on the farming and production of these specific plants is also possible in diverse regions. Any HIV + patient, child or adult, can benefit from some or all aspects of this program, whether or not they are concurrently participating in available pharmaceutical protocols. This herbal protocol greatly increases levels of available energy and the ability to function more fully in life, no matter the age of the patient. Additionally, it reduces the frequency and impact of opportunistic infections.


This protocol reduces the side effects of contemporary pharmaceutical protocols, ART, etc., which over many years of ingestion have been documented to cause severe physical and non-physical problems. See New York Times article, January 2008.

THIS PROTOCOL IS AN INTEGRATED PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM AND CAN BE PROPERLY CARRIED OUT ONLY AFTER THOROUGH CLINICAL ORIENTATION TO ITS’ PRINCIPLES AND GUIDANCE OF THE STUDENT THROUGH ITS’ METHODS BY THE ON-SITE INSTRUCTOR. Only then will it be effective and yield the expected results. All components must be consistently maintained AS DESCRIBED IN THIS WRITTEN DOCUMENT. It is the goal of AHMVI to set up regional training sessions for facilities caring for AIDS patients throughout India and possibly other epicenters of AIDS, in the world.


This protocol provides a template, which can be utilized in any part of the world through the participation of native healers, herbalists, or any other professional practitioner of Herbal Medicine, who is intimately familiar with local plants, seeds and foods AND THEIR THERAPEUTIC ACTIONS IN THE BODY. By inserting local botanicals, which have the same or very similar therapeutic actions into the Protocol Steps which follow, a program can be created for use in any locale.